My Story


I have not always had an aptitude for mathematics.  I do not remember math in grade school.  In high school I was told since I was a woman I would not need math and science.  At the time I was going to high school women were only given a few possible career choices and none of them included math.
When I started junior college I was in pre-algebra.  It was a self-paced class and I hated every minute of it.  Needless to say I failed it.  When I returned to junior college a few years later I was now in Algebra 1.  I was still having difficulties.  I called on my best friend, a true astrophysicist, for help.  I also found a wonderful instructor who took the time to explain the concepts in easy to understand language.  I model my business on what I learned from that instructor and my best friend.  They gave me their knowledge.  More than knowledge they left me with patience, kindness, empathy, and the ability to hear with more than my ears.
I began tutoring at the junior college I was attending.  I enjoyed what I was doing and working with fellow students.  Budget cuts forced the director to dismiss most of the tutors.  She kept me and another person.  I asked why, out of all the math tutors she had, she kept me.  I was told I was easy to get along with, to understand, and people I worked with felt taught when they left the tutoring center.  Those words meant a lot to me.  After awhile people from the general community would call and ask if they had a math tutor available.  I was asked by the director if I wanted to make a little extra money, and being a student on a limited income, I said yes.  I started working with other students on campus, and then more people in the community.  It kept going until I graduated from junior college.
When I met my husband I was tutoring and also working elsewhere.  One time when he was visiting my apartment a student was there for help.  After the student left my soon to be husband said we should develop the business. That was over 20 years ago. I love what I do.  Helping people to achieve their goals makes me feel great.  
I waited until I was 30 to find the tools which would help propel me into a career of a lifetime.  I can help you too.